Getting Ready for Your Next Trade Fair


The second half of 2019 brings some excellent opportunities to meet your clients. Romanian flagship trade fairs such as Agromalim Arad, Agralim Iasi and Indagra Bucharest are coming up, so how can your business make the most of it?

  • Stay focused on your KPI

    During the 3 to 5 days of each trade fair there are more opportunities you can explore – media exposure, new lead acquisition, customer care and business community engagement. For a successful result you should focus on only one of those, that is of primary importance for your business.

  • Make your entire communication contribute to meeting the objective

    From the point of designing and constructing your stand, up to the stage of promoting your participation in the trade fair, you should consider that one main objective you are there for. Consider yourself a crowd manager and invest in, not only controlling the crowd flow through the trade fair, but through your stand as well.

  • Follow up FAST & SMART

    Start preparing for your follow-up communication campaign before the trade fair ends. Take notes during the 3 to 5 days to make sure messages will be personalized and stand out from the rest. And keep in mind your KPI, the follow up should also stay in line with your main business objective, as described in point 1.

 Did you know TMT PR has a track record of trade fair representation of various agribusiness clients? Last year only @ Indagra 2018 – two embassies and one producer association chose us as their partner in communication. Results include several prime time broadcast on national TV networks such as Pro TV, TVR, Antena 1, Kanal D and a reach of over 3 million in views.
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