We master the super power of  telling great stories

Storytelling is a fantastic solution to limited attention span. It is not only an interesting way to get a lot of information across, but it is also a lot more concise. It can bring out an emotional response more easily and set the mood for conversations and engagement.

Video For Online Communities

Setting the right mood through color, music and last but not least through a great story is something we practiced and perfected over the years.

Testimonial campaigns

Video marketing

Engaging farmers in an authentic conversation in front of the camera is not an easy task, that is why our approach is telling the story referring to their most familiar memories, those great moments that translate into passionate conversations.

Video content counts for 82% of all IP traffic on the internet. Video is an opportunity to promote branded content that is both entertaining and engaging in just a few clicks.


„It was a real pleasure for me to discover two strong characters within TMT PR team, two successful women that manage to build relevant connections and prepare extraordinary moments, all possible due to their passion, commitment and never ending energy. I happily greet this enthusiastic agency and their work facilitating the exchange of valuable information helping us to cope with the challenges faced in the current business environment.” Carmen Gavrilescu, President APPS

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