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Agrotrends Free Tools for AgriEntrepreneurs

AGROtrends is TMT PR’s ambitious project, that shares our vision and mission to become active contributors to the development of Romanian agriculture and the birth of a new generation of farmers – the AgriEntrepreneurs. 


Within the platform dedicated to the project,, Romanian agricultural entrepreneurs can find free resources to support them in their business, the most important of which is the AGROtrends interactive AgroGuides series.

This is a unique concept on the national market, a joint effort of relevant national and international experts in a knowledge sharing experience.

The digital interactive AGROtrends guides provide macroeconomic data on a single high added value agricultural product, consisting of yields, prices and consumer trends at national and European level, emphasizing on new business opportunities. In 2018 the series will bring new editions dedicated to potatoes, peppers, carrots, apple, cherries and wild fruits.


Romanian Cucumber Yields

Cucumber farming has a long tradition in Romania, a country which ranks 6th in the top of cucumber producing states at European level.

The interactive digital guide analyzes the national cucumber production, the Romanian varieties, the consumption trends on the national market and the financial support that can be obtained by the Romanian producers. At the same time, comparatively, we provide information on European price development, on certifications that are granted to European varieties, and on European event that focus on cucumbers and cucumber farmers.

Romanian Tomatoes

The guide „What profit brings tomato farming in Romania” analyzes the potential for the development of national tomato production presenting the Romanian varieties and analyzing the main types of financial support for these crops but also provides information on how European farmers manage to increase their sales through various marketing aids such as the European PGI and PDO certifications.